3 Fresh Ideas for a Spring Funeral

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Happy spring, everybody! As the weather warms and flowers begin to bloom, it’s the perfect time to tailor a memorial service to this beautiful season. Spring opens the door to possibilities of unique and healing funeral options. To help create the most beautiful, seamless, stress-free planning experience, we’ve compiled a list of a few ways that you can enhance a spring funeral.

Spring is a season of renewal and hope, making it a great time for memorial services to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away. When it comes to creating a flower arrangement for a spring memorial, there are many special options to choose from. Below are some of the best spring flower arrangements for a spring memorial:


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  • Tulips: Tulips are a classic spring flower and are often associated with new beginnings and growth. They come in a wide range of colors, making it easy to choose a shade that holds special meaning for the person being remembered.
  • Daffodils: Daffodils are another popular spring flower and symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. They are often used in memorial services to celebrate the life of someone who brought joy and happiness to others.
  • Hyacinths: Hyacinths are fragrant flowers that come in a variety of colors, including pink, purple, and blue. They are often used in spring flower arrangements to symbolize love.
  • Lilacs: Lilacs are known for their sweet fragrance and delicate beauty. They come in a range of colors, including white, pink, and lavender, and are often used in spring flower arrangements to emphasize love and remembrance.


When creating a flower arrangement, it's important to choose flowers that remind others of the person being remembered. By incorporating any of these perfect spring flowers, you can create a wonderful tribute to honor their life and legacy. Another special addition is selecting your favorite spring flower to scatter in a green burial or overlay on forest burial graves. 

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Choosing a spring-themed urn is a great way to pay tribute to the memory of your loved one. With a variety of options available, a spring-themed urn or scattering tube can reflect the personality and interests of the person who has passed. Whether it's incorporating vibrant colors or nature-inspired designs, a spring-themed urn can provide comfort and solace during an otherwise difficult time. Some of our favorite spring-themed urns are from Passages International, including the Unity Earthurn, the Bluebell Forest Scattering Tube, and the Butterfly Blossom Scattering Tube. Each of these urns is a bright addition to your loved one’s spring service.

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Spring is a season of new beginnings. It is a time when nature comes back to life, and the world is reborn after the long winter months. Choosing a green funeral is a perfect way to honor the memory of your loved one while also helping to protect the environment. A green funeral is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional funerals, often using biodegradable materials such as wicker, bamboo, seagrass, and paper, and avoiding embalming chemicals that can harm the environment. Choosing a green funeral for a spring memorial is particularly fitting, as it aligns with the themes of growth and renewal that define the season. By opting for a green funeral, you can help to ensure that the earth continues to thrive for generations to come.

In addition to the environmental benefits, green funerals can also be more cost-effective than traditional funerals. By using locally-sourced materials and avoiding expensive embalming procedures, you can reduce the overall cost of the service. One such green funeral idea is having an earth scattering, particularly, scattering in a place outdoors that is meaningful to you and your loved ones. However, you could also opt for a water burial to bury or scatter your loved one out at sea.  Ultimately, choosing a green funeral for a spring memorial can provide a sense of comfort and solace knowing that you are doing your part to protect the planet while celebrating a life well-lived.