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"Choosing to have a green burial is one of the last important environmentally conscious choices you can make. According to the Green Burial Council, while traditional burial produces 250 lbs. of carbon, green burial sequesters 25 lbs. of carbon. This is equivalent to the carbon produced by the driving of an average American over a three-month period." 

Caitlyn Hauke, Live Kindly

"You can get a willow casket. You can make a pine casket. You can wrap your dad in tablecloth linens, as I did with my father. Those decisions can be important, but they go back to that relationship with the earth and with each other."

Mallory McDuff, Sojourners

"“We have a generation of Greta Thunbergs coming up who are extremely concerned about the environment. The death care industry will have to get its act together if they want to keep up with them.” 

Rachel Essig, Oregon Business