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We get it. Life is hectic and busy, and it can be incredibly difficult to stay as up-to-date with current events as we might like. So, we’re here to help! Read on for an overview of some of the most important, current news on climate change and environmentalism.

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On February 3, 2023, a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed and caught fire in East Palestine, Ohio, prompting a large-scale evacuation and hazardous materials response. The incident released a significant amount of toxic chemicals into the environment, including vinyl chloride.

The spilled chemicals contaminated the soil, groundwater, and nearby waterways, posing a risk to the health and safety of local residents and wildlife. The effects of this contamination have been extreme– as locals find the carcasses of wildlife, and residents already reporting symptoms consistent with exposure to the chemicals. 

The incident highlights the importance of strict regulations and safety protocols for transporting hazardous materials and the need for ongoing monitoring and remediation efforts to minimize the environmental impact of such disasters.

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This winter, California legalized human composting,” making it the fifth state in the United States to permit natural organic reduction. California joins Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Vermont in efforts to encourage the public to consider returning to the earth as soil. 

There is, however, a caveat to this otherwise wonderful environmental news: this greener alternative will not actually be available in California until 2027. And California isn’t the only state making strides toward greener funeral practices. On July 12, Hawaii introduced a bill legalizing alkaline hydrolysis in the state.

Alkaline Hydrolysis is a greener alternative to flame cremation, which uses heat, pressure, and an alkaline solution. More colloquially referred to as “aquamation,” it’s a progressive step for Hawaii.

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The ice near Greenland has been melting at an accelerated rate in recent years due to global warming. As temperatures in the Arctic continue to rise, the ice sheet has been losing mass, resulting in rising sea levels and a range of ecological and environmental impacts. In fact, according to USA Today, "global warming has reached the top of the ice sheet," indicating a point of no return. Sadly, this shows an adverse fate for native wildlife such as polar bears, who struggle to hang on amid changing environmental conditions. 

The melting of ice in Greenland is caused by a combination of factors, including warmer air and ocean temperatures, reduced sea ice cover, changes in wind and weather patterns, and rising sea levels. This phenomenon has serious implications for the global community, as sea level rise threatens coastal communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems, and may exacerbate extreme weather events such as hurricanes and floods.

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Antoine Moses, a 23-year-old Canadian environmentalist, has broken the world record for "most trees planted by an individual in 24 hours." Over the course of a single day, Moses managed to plant more than 23,000 saplings, averaging around 16 trees per minute. This achievement is particularly significant as deforestation continues to be a major issue around the world, with devastating consequences for the environment and its inhabitants.

Antoine Moses' world record-breaking tree-planting achievement is crucial for combating climate change and promoting sustainability, as trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide essential habitats for a diverse range of plant and animal species, ultimately preserving biodiversity.

Antoine Moses is a shining example of how small actions can have a big impact on combating climate change. Planting trees, reducing waste, conserving energy, and making sustainable choices are all ways we can contribute to a greener future.

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The warmest winter on record in Europe is a dangerous reminder of the urgent need to address climate change and take action toward sustainability. Although many destinations around Europe experienced a freezing Christmas, most countries saw record temperatures rise for the new year, with some countries as high as 15 degrees above normal.

The impacts of this extreme weather event have been significant, including the closure of ski resorts, with popular destinations in France having half of their ski slopes closed due to the heat wave, leading to unprecedented consequences for the winter tourism industry.