5 Unique Places to Scatter Your Loved One’s Cremated Remains

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One of the best ways to express gratitude to loved ones is through a proper disposition, whether that is through descending into the water, releasing them back into the earth, or returning to your beloved's favorite place. This honors our loved ones and helps us celebrate their significant existence in our lives.

1. Scattering Ashes on Water: The Ocean or Beach

Water plays an influential role in the life of various cultures across the globe, especially for people who spent most of their lives near the water. Consequently, water serves as a graceful place to respect your loved ones.
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  • Shell Urn: Made from molded, recycled paper and packaged in a custom carrying case. Crafted on antique molds from non-toxic, recycled, food-grade paper, and are hand-painted using water-based paints. Can accommodate two sets of remains. A donation is made in memory of the deceased to an ocean conservation organization. 
  • Journey Urn: Journey Earthurns are hand-crafted from sustainably produced, biodegradable paper. When placed in water they float briefly and then sink to the bottom, where they break down naturally over time. The urns are shipped fully assembled and are available in 12 colors and designs. Matching mini sizes are available for all designs, perfect as keepsakes or to separate cremated remains into multiple water-biodegradable containers. The Green and Natural designs are also available in medium sizes. 
  • Turtle Urn: Turtle Urns are designed for water burial, and are fully biodegradable. Crafted by hand from recycled paper using non-toxic glues. It loads easily from the bottom. This urn comes with a GEO code to create a memorial page on our Memorial Map, free of charge. 

2. Scatter Gardens or Forests:

Flowers and a natural gravemarker sitting on a green burial gravesite.




Scatter gardens are a lovely place to scatter your loved one's remains that will then grow and flourish into new life. Biotree provides an incredible experience of reviving the ashes of our loved ones into a beautiful, blossoming tree of life. The Biotree Urn holds cremated remains in the base, while a tree grows from the top of the urn in nutrient-rich coco peat soil. Each Biotree Urn includes a unique GeoTag code, to mark the final resting place and create an online memorial.

3. Somewhere They Always Wanted to Go:


What's the dream destination that your loved one always wanted to travel to but never got the chance to? Grant the wishes of our loved ones by taking them where they always dreamed of going. Sometimes it isn’t possible to hit all the aspirations on our bucket lists but you can help your loved one cross one off their list by arriving at their dream destination.


4. In the Mountains:



For those who admire the mountains, being able to live among the scenic peaks and valleys is an intriguing idea. If your loved one had a special bond with the outdoors and specifically hiking, then spreading ashes on a mountain would be the ideal option. Before considering this course of action, please make sure to acquire permission from the necessary governing agency. For example, if you want to scatter ashes at a state park, you may need to file paperwork first.

5. At a Favorite Vacation Spot:



It may be liberating to release the ashes in a place that you hold closest to your heart, because of the many memories created there and kept in your mind forever. This place feels like home, bringing the most comforting feelings of ease. It will allow the family to feel the presence of their loved one while peacefully spreading their ashes in their loved one's favorite place.