3 Reasons You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral

3 Reasons You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Funeral planning is a subject that many people don’t consider until the decision is brought to them. This can be the last thing you want to think about when mourning a loss, and pre-planning helps you create a meaningful and healing memorial without unexpected costs or last-minute decisions. Here are 3 good reasons to pre-plan your funeral:

1. Keep It Simple

Planning for your death is no easy feat. The thought alone can cause fear and premature grief for some, and these hard-to-cope-with emotions often cause individuals to put-off dealing with them. Many people end up avoiding these stresses all together and failing to make early funeral arrangements. 

The reality, however, is that pre-planning one’s funeral saves a lot of stress in the long term. Making plans ahead of time ensures that your loved ones are able to focus solely on their grief and coping progress as opposed to also juggling planning duties. There are many decisions involved in a person’s funeral arrangements, from things like music and floral arrangements to environmental concerns. 

Making these considerations early saves loved ones from being left having to guess what you would have wanted. Overall, making decisions before you die makes things a little easier for everyone.

2. Easing Death Anxiety 101

Death is hard to think about, but avoiding these uncomfortable thoughts and conversations only makes it harder. Starting these conversations early and planning ahead helps families avoid unnecessary uncertainty during times of sadness and grief. 

However, research also shows that planning ahead has the power to actually ease death anxiety. Facing the fear of death is a powerful thing, just as avoiding it tends to magnify our panic and prevent us from living in an anxiety-free present.

3. From Grieving a Loss to a Celebration of Life

Not only does making funeral arrangements ahead of time help ensure that the memorial meets one’s expectations, but doing so also gives the individual power and agency over the mood and style of the services. 

For instance, many prefer their memorials to be closer to a celebration of life than a mourning of it. This person may choose a funeral experience, such as sea burial or earth scattering, that aligns with their interests and values. Someone who’s life was changed by hiking may, for instance, plan their services on their favorite trail, choose a biodegradable urn, and request their ashes be scattered in their most sacred place. Being clear about one’s wishes and planning accordingly before passing can help to create a more meaningful goodbye.