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It has been estimated that over 40% of cremation consumers intend to have their cremated remains scattered. Of this 40%, more than 70% scatter, or intend to scatter, in or over water. These figures represent a very large number of consumer that over the years the funeral industry has struggled to cater to.

One of the problems was that until recently, very few viable products were available to this group of consumers. They have rejected traditional urn products made out of bronze, marble and wood that are often too costly, impractical or difficult to use and are not biodegradable or recyclable after use. This left families little choice but to reluctantly opt for the cardboard or plastic box containing a loved one’s cremated remains customarily provided at no charge by the crematory.

It is only in the past few years that more practical and affordable urn products have appeared on the market. One such product is the Scattering Tube™ which is produced using recycled paper. It has no plastic or metal components, can be recycled after use and is available in a variety of unique designs. Each Scattering Tube™ features a custom designed die-cut, push-in paper tab to which pressure can be applied (to open) when the scattering is to take place. The cremated remains can then be easily scattered from the tube without having to awkwardly open a plastic bag (which traditionally holds the cremated remains) or handle the cremated remains.

There are also companies that have launched to help or accompany families that decide to scatter. Many of them own yachts or aircraft from which the scattering can take place. Other companies will take cremated remains into outer space or combine them with fireworks and have a fantastic fireworks display as the central part of the memorial process.