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Cremated Remains


Most cemeteries provide a variety of options for cremated remains, including ground spaces, columbaria (above-ground niches) or special gardens for the scattering of the remains. These are also greener options because they use less space. By placing the cremated remains at a cemetery, the family is able to return to the cemetery to memorialize the deceased. This is often more convenient for the family than scattering or water burial.

For water burial there are green urns and containers designed to sink quickly and then dissolve within hours or days, reducing the impact on aquatic life. Families who prefer to disperse cremated remains can use specially-designed, recyclable scattering tubes that allow clean, easy scattering. The tube can then be recycled after use.

Families who want to bury cremated remains in the earth can choose from a variety of attractive urns made from materials such as bamboo, cornstarch or molded paper. Some of these urns are designed for semi-permanent storage and display, should your family want wish to bury or scatter ashes at a later date. There are also small “keepsake” urns that give families the option of scattering most of the remains while giving individual family members a small portion of the remains to keep.