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12 Celebrities Who Chose a Non-Traditional Funeral

12 Celebrities Who Chose a Non-Traditional Funeral While traditional funeral practices are often seen as glamorous, these expensive memorial options also cause extreme detriment to the environment. Green burial options, then, are becoming increasingly popular for their unique, green, and affordable features. As a result, many celebrities are choosing green options such as scattering, aquamation, […]


What Are My Options for Legally Scattering My Loved One’s Ashes?

Going Green: A Guide To Legally Scattering Ashes Scattering has become an increasingly popular option among those choosing how to say goodbye to a loved one. It allows families to lay their loved ones to rest in the places that they loved the most. However, people are often left with little information about where to […]


Green vs Natural Burials: What’s the Difference?

Green vs. Natural Burials: What’s the Difference? Traditional funeral options are infamous for their consequential effects on the environment. Not only are conventional metal caskets and urns extremely environmentally unfriendly, popular preliminary burial processes also aid in the rapid decay of nature. Standard and long-accepted burial processes soak toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, methanol, and glycerin […]


13 Funeral Options You Should Know

13 Funeral Options You Should Know Funeral planning is a subject that many people don’t consider until the decision is brought to them, and most people think there are two options: burial or cremation. The truth is that the options available to families today are more numerous than most people outside the industry (and many […]